Kim Ka Mi bowls S
Kim Ka Mi bowls S
Kim Ka Mi bowls S
Kim Ka Mi bowls S

Kim Ka Mi Schalen S

CHF 28
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Lieferzeit ca. 3 - 5 Arbeitstage

Dimensions: H 5 cm,  ∅ 10 cm

The porcelain clay is turned by hand on the potter's wheel. The first raw firing is done at 960°C and the second glaze firing at 1280°C. The gilded pottery is fired a third time at 780°C as a gold firing.

The finest porcelain clay from Limoges, France is used to make Kim Ka Mi ceramics. As each piece is unique, there are variations in each piece, which makes Kim Ka Mi ceramics so vibrant. Ceramics for everyday life.

Keramik Farbe
  • écru
  • schwarz
  • seladon
  • ecru Goldrand
  • schwarz Goldrand

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