Sato futon cushion mat with sleeping mat medium anthracite, contains natural latex, horsehair and virgin wool

Polstermatte Schlafmatte medium

CHF 1.255
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Delivery time approx. 4 weeks

Sato futon with two-part structure: bottom cushioning mat with natural latex/horsehair, top sleeping mat with virgin wool. Level of firmness medium, foldable and rollable, suitable for slats systems and tatami, easy to clean and durable. Model for testing on display at Sato.

For the upholstered mat, the colour of the cover fabric can be selected, the sleeping mat is supplied in light écru.

Read more > in this article about the different types of futons (German only).

  • Hülle BW écru standard
  • Hülle BW anthrazit
  • Hülle BW schwarz
  • Hülle BW terra
  • Hülle BW indigo
  • Hülle BW nachtblau


    Futon double system, for all those who do not want to miss out on the futon-typical sleeping, but appreciate European comfort more. The supportive upholstered mat on the bottom, the cosy and comfortable sleeping mat on top. And for those who like to have a fresh sleeping surface regularly without having to buy a complete futon or mattress – the sleeping mat can also be replaced separately at any time. Two futons on top of each other – a variation of usage in Japan: the old futon on the bottom, the new one on top, making sleeping fresher and softer. Also popular with young families. The cheaper sleeping mat can easily be laid out in the sun to dry and clean if something goes wrong, and then replaced later. The lifespan is at least 10 years. The total duration of life depends on the hygienic burden and weight load. Care of the upholstered mat: when used on slats, turn and rotate 2-3 times a year, on tatami or floor, depending on the room climate, watch out for condensation. Care of the sleeping mat: occasional shaking and rolling. Design by Sato, handmade in Germany. Organic futon, eco-certified materials. Weight at 100x200 cm: upholstered mat approx. 11 kg / sleeping mat approx. 6.5 kg Tip: for double beds but different hardness requirements: 2 narrow upholstered mats with different level of firmness and 1 wide sleeping mat on top. Ask for advice in our shop.

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