Side Table Par4
Side Table Par4
Side Table Par4
Side Table Par4
Side Table Par4
Side Table Par4
Side Table Par4
Side Table Par4

Side Table Par4

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*A young classic. Unobtrusive and practical, 70 x 70 cm, height 40 cm. Solid wood frame with 4 fully extendable table tops. When inserted at the same level, the base doubles in size to 70 x 140 cm, easily and quickly. The table tops are covered on one side with coloured laminate and on the other side with lacquered real wood veneer, according to the chosen wood type of the frame. The 4 table tops are flat on both sides. A sample table is on display in the shop.

The Par4 can be ordered online here in predefined colour combinations.

It is also possible to combine the table tops in different colours (also on both sides) and wood types according to your wishes. We will be happy to assist you in our shop or you can send us an email using the "Wir beraten Sie gerne" button.

For more information, please see the description below.

Farbmuster Beistelltisch Alternativ
  • Venezia
  • Milano
  • Roma
  • S01 Iroko
  • S08 Buche gebleicht
  • S16 Eiche
  • S17 Eiche schwarz gebleicht
  • S19 Nussbaum amerikanisch


    *Par4, MiniPar4 and Par3 and Tetra side tables were designed by French designer Bernard Vuarnesson. Throughout his career, the engineer has created many timeless, modular pieces of furniture that can be easily adapted in form and function.

    Par4 is representative of Vuarnesson's creative and playful approach. The side table is a young classic that, thanks to its elegant and simple design, fits naturally into a wide variety of living situations. 

    The beautiful choice of colours and woods makes it possible to create your own personal table.



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