Incense Lotus
Incense Lotus

Incense Lotus

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30 incense sticks in a Pauwlonia wooden box, burns for about 15 minutes.

Lotus incense with bergamot. A deep, refreshing scent of lotus flowers floating in Japanese ponds.


    Ten virtues of incense

    • sharpens the senses
    • has the power to remove impurities
    • a companion in difficult times
    • much does no harm
    • stays fresh when stored
    • cleanses body and mind 
    • wakes us from sleep
    • creates a moment of peace
    • a little is enough
    • can be used every day

    In the past, incense was used as a medicine, and when the Chinese monk Ganjin came to Japan in the Nara period, he brought with him various types of sandalwood, aloeswood and musk to cure illnesses. The scent of incense affects emotions such as worry, anger, tension and hypersensitivity, helping to achieve the relaxed and refreshed state of mind associated with zazen or mediation.

    Incense and stories about incense have been handed down since the Nara and Heian periods and are an example of the delicacy and sensitivity of Japan's unique culture.

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