Lacktablett Vietnam 20 x 20
Lacktablett Vietnam 20 x 20
Lacktablett Vietnam 20 x 20

Lacktablett Vietnam 20 x 20

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*Lacquerware has a tradition dating back thousands of years in Asia, particularly in Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam. Lacquer was originally used to protect objects and make them more durable. In addition, lacquerware is of high aesthetic quality and elegance.

  • rot
  • schwarz gold
  • schwarz silber
  • weiss
  • weiss gold
  • weiss silber


    *Over the centuries, the process of lacquerware manufacturing has developed into a very elaborate and complicated technique, and artistic design has become increasingly important. Our lacquerware from Vietnam starts with a blank of wood, plywood or MDF. This raw product is then subjected to a complex process in which the surface is sealed and refined with putty. Each layer is completely dried, sanded and polished over and over again until the paint and varnish can be applied. In the final stages, before the final coat of transparent gloss lacquer is applied, the lacquerware is given either its colours or its metallic finish. This is done by applying very thin metal foils in a similar way to gilding.

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