Fitted sheet, fabric cotton Percal col. sahara
Spannlaken | Baumwoll Percal
Spannlaken | Baumwoll Percal
Tenshi, futon and pillow with cover
Fitted sheet, fabric cotton Percal col. sahara
Tenshi, futon and pillow with cover

Spannlaken | Baumwoll Percal

CHF 110
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Lieferzeit ca. 3 - 4 Wochen

*Percal is a tightly woven plain weave fabric. The surface is fine and smooth, making it durable, but also breathable and wonderfully pleasant on the skin. The raw material is long-fibre, high-quality Egyptian cotton.

Sato bed linen is made to order in our in-house sewing atelier.

The fitted sheet is made to the exact size and height of your Sato futon without elastic. The fabrics are washed before processing.

You can request small samples of the fabric to help you choose your colours. Order fabric samples using the form below 'Wir beraten Sie gerne'. Please specify the colours and your delivery address.

Kindly note: This product is made for you personally and cannot be returned.

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Baumwoll Percal
  • col. blanc
  • col. meringue
  • col. lin
  • col. sahara
  • col. ballerine
  • col. lingerie
  • col. gris perle
  • col. terre de sienne
  • col. bleu glacier
  • col. emeraude
  • col. archipel
  • col. bleu nuit
  • col. taupe

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