Japan on a Visit to Sato


In 2014, Japan and Switzerland celebrated 150 years of diplomatic relations. The year was marked by many small and large celebrations that impressively demonstrated the great interest in Japan in Switzerland. Sato also celebrated with music, sake and wagyu on 11 November 2014. The centrepiece was an exhibition on the crafts and gastronomy of Gifu Prefecture. This historic region at the heart of Japan's island nation has succeeded in preserving and developing local traditions in harmony with the demands of the modern world. To this day, Sato maintains close ties with the artisans and sake brewers of Gifu.

The vernissage celebrated this special collaboration. Several hundred guests from Switzerland and Japan gathered at Ausstellungsstrasse in Zurich. Hajime Furuta, the Governor of Gifu Prefecture, and the Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland at the time were also present in person. It was autumn. The maple leaves in the courtyard had already turned red. There was a special Japanese atmosphere in the air. Sato was the centre of the 150th anniversary celebrations between the two countries that evening.


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