Hana: The all purpose futon sofa bed


Hana takes advantage of the foldable futon. Thanks to a folding mechanism, it is a fully-fledged sofa and bed in one, with no annoying gaps or creases. This uncompromising, continuous support provides a healthy and comfortable night's sleep, allowing it to be used as an everyday bed. During the day, the high-quality organic futon offers comfortable sitting and lying, and an integrated duvet compartment keeps things tidy. Different wood patterns and colours make it possible to give Hana a very individual touch. The covers are made in our own atelier and are removable and, depending on the material, washable. 

Available in two versions

Whether in the living room, guest room or even the bedroom, this elegant, minimalist sofa bed with its timeless design fits naturally into different rooms. This Sato classic is available in two versions: Hana Classic and Hana Lounge. The latter offers a deeper seat in the style of a cosy lounge sofa.

Tags : Bed, Design, Sleeping, Sofa

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