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  • Tansu: Furniture with History
    Tansu: Furniture with History

    Japanese tansu chests are testaments to a fascinating era. These unique pieces add a touch of retro charm, durability and distinctiveness to modern homes.

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  • An oasis of Japanese lifestyle in Zurich
    An oasis of Japanese lifestyle in Zurich

    Sato never wanted to be a typical furniture store. After 1994, the main shop at Ausstellungsstrasse 39 in Zurich was transformed into an oasis that became more Japanese each year.

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  • Japanese Ceramics at Sato
    Japanese Ceramics at Sato

    At Sato in Zurich you will find a wide range of ceramics for everyday use. In 2017, the shop dedicated an exhibition to Japanese pottery.

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  • Japan on a Visit to Sato
    Japan on a Visit to Sato

    In 2014, Japan and Switzerland celebrated 150 years of diplomatic relations. This historic event was also the subject of a special celebration at Sato.

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  • What the brush tells
    What the brush tells

    The exhibition "What the Brush Tells" took place from 9 March to 6 April 2023 at Sato. It included several events, including a live performance by Denise Baumgartner. 

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  • The Aesthetics of Emptiness
    The Aesthetics of Emptiness

    As Art Director of Muji, Director of the Nippon Design Center and author of design books, Kenya Hara is shaping the Japanese understanding of beauty. He presented his book "Designing Japan" at Sato.

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