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  • Sofas by Brühl for the European-Japanese world of Sato
    Sofas by Brühl for the European-Japanese world of Sato

    The Brühl sofas and lounge chairs are renowned for their creative design diversity. Functional, minimalist and durable, they fit harmoniously into Sato's European-Japanese living space.

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  • A minimalist style of living
    A minimalist style of living

    Restriction to the essentials is one of Sato's basic principles. With just a few furnishings, the room becomes a flexibly adjustable living space that adapts to the daily rhythm of life.

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  • Hana: The all purpose futon sofa bed
    Hana: The all purpose futon sofa bed

    Thanks to the advantages of the foldable futon, Hana is a fully-fledged sofa and bed in one. It is available in two versions, Classic and Lounge.

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  • Tatami without pesticides
    Tatami without pesticides

    Tatami is at the heart of traditional homes in Japan. This floor mat is a simple way to create a Japanese atmosphere. Sato places great value on a pesticide-free manufacturing process.

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  • Japanese Ceramics at Sato
    Japanese Ceramics at Sato

    At Sato in Zurich you will find a wide range of ceramics for everyday use. In 2017, the shop dedicated an exhibition to Japanese pottery.

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  • Tenshi: Timeless Design
    Tenshi: Timeless Design

    The Tenshi is a bed, lounger, shelf, sofa and bench all in one. This multi-functional, timeless creation has been an exclusive part of the Sato collection since 1996 and remains a bestseller to this day - made in Switzerland from fir wood from Emmental.

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  • The Aesthetics of Emptiness
    The Aesthetics of Emptiness

    As Art Director of Muji, Director of the Nippon Design Center and author of design books, Kenya Hara is shaping the Japanese understanding of beauty. He presented his book "Designing Japan" at Sato.

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  • Japanese Lifestyle for Swiss Homes
    Japanese Lifestyle for Swiss Homes

    A beautiful home needs smart furniture, not lots of it. Sato in Zurich embraces the traditional Japanese concept of living - and implements it with high-quality materials.

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