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The futon is the natural Japanese mattress. It is the ideal sleeping surface for flexible use of living space. Traditionally, the futon is rolled out on a tatami floor in the evening and rolled up and stowed away in the morning. It can be used as a place to sleep, a place to sit and a place to stay. Based on this model, Sato has been producing a variety of futon types for over 25 years to meet the different needs and living conditions of Swiss homes. All Sato futons are handmade. An overview.

Futon Traditional 

Sleep like in Japan: this futon is a classic. Filled with cotton and pure new wool, it has a high level of firmness suitable for tatami and floors. To maintain it, we recommend daily turning, rolling and tapping. Life expectancy is 3 to 4 years.

> See product: Futon Traditional

Roll Mat

The roll mat combines the characteristics of the classic Japanese futon with the qualities of Western natural materials. It is available in medium and firm versions. It is easy to roll and fold and is suitable for use on tatami. We use horsehair/pure new wool (firm) or natural latex/pure new wool (medium) as the filling. These properties make the roll mat easy to maintain and durable (at least 10 years). The medium version does not need to be rolled and shaken regularly. For the firm version we recommend once a week.

> See product: Roll Mat medium
> See Product: Roll Mat firm


Sato's futon Standard is softer than the roll mat and more cuddly than the Integral upholstered mat. We offer it in medium (natural latex/cotton/pure new wool) and firm (horsehair/cotton/pure new wool). This futon is not rollable, but foldable and is mainly suitable for use on tatami, but also on a slatted frame with very fine spacing between the slats. The medium version does not need to be rolled and shaken regularly thanks to the natural latex. For the firm version, we recommend shaking once a week, especially on tatami or a floor underlay.

> See product: Standard medium
> See product: Standard firm

Integral Upholstered Mat (Polstermatte Integral)

The integral upholstered mat (Polstermatte Integral) is the most versatile and universal type of futon and is our bestseller. It is similar in build to European natural mattresses and in its slender construction to Japanese futons. It incorporates the materials of the simple upholstered mat and is wrapped in pure new wool, thus integrating the contents of the sleeping mat (see below). The medium version is foldable and suitable for use on bed frames with slatted frames as well as on tatami. The firm version is only suitable for use on a rigid slatted frame.

> See product: Polstermatte Integral medium
> See product: Polstermatte Integral firm

Upholstered Mat Sleeping Mat (Polstermatte-Schlafmatte)

The upholstered mat (Polstermatte) on the bottom, the rollable sleeping mat on top: this double system is the softest futon type at Sato. For those who don't want to miss out on the typical futon experience, but still want to lie gently and comfortably. For the soft version we use soft natural latex, for the medium natural latex with horsehair and for the firm rubber coconut and horsehair. 

The sleeping mat (Schlafmatte) is made from breathable fibres, pure new wool or cotton. Its light weight makes it easy to care for. The sleeping mat can be ordered separately for easy replacement.

> See product: Polstermatte Schlafmatte soft
> See product: Polstermatte Schlafmatte medium
> See product: Polstermatte Schlafmatte firm

> See product: Schlafmatte


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