Tenshi: Timeless Design


Tenshi is one of Sato's iconic pieces of furniture. This creation is as modern today as it was when it was launched in 1996. It is an airy modular element made of wood that can be used as a bed frame, low bench, shelf, sofa and lounger, adapting to changing needs. Even a single module can be a piece of furniture. Two modules make a daybed. Three or more modules make a bed frame. A plug-in connection makes it easy to join the modules together. 

Both futon and mattress are suitable for the Tenshi. The slightly taller Nitenshi, which can be used as a bench or sideboard, is an evolution of this minimalist, functional modular approach. This timeless design object has been an integral part of the Sato collection for over 25 years and has been a bestseller, appearing on the cover of the Swiss home magazine "Ideales Heim". It is made exclusively for Sato in Switzerland from Emmental fir wood.

Tags : Bed, Design, Living

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