Chikara: A futon bed reduced to the essentials


Erwin and Eva Zehnder realise many of their own ideas. In 2000, Erwin Zehnder designed the "Chikara" bed. It consists of a simple, metal-free connector that gives the tatami a frame and raises it slightly from the floor to allow air to circulate. In this way, he created an ideal base for the futon that fits perfectly into a Swiss home. 

A consistent design language

"Based on Japanese tradition, we design our bedroom furniture in a very consistent design language that is reduced to the essentials," says Erwin Zehnder, describing his concept. The aim, he says, is to promote a sense of well-being by creating harmony between the room and its furnishings. "Chikara" is representative of this philosophy and has graced the cover of several interior design magazines over the years. It has become a Sato classic, sought after even by customers in Japan and copied by other furniture stores.

chikara 5b IMG_3314.jpg


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