Japanese Ceramics at Sato


Sato in Zurich offers a wide range of Japanese ceramics for everyday use. In 2017, the interior design shop dedicated an exhibition to the rich art of Japanese pottery, providing an insight into this craft. The focus was on the Swiss-Japanese artist couple Shunichi and Regina Maekawa-Altherr, whose artistic approaches could not be more different. Their ceramic works are created in a house in the idyllic mountains of Shiga Prefecture, not far from Lake Biwa, in the heart of Japan. One is reminded of one of those magical anime from Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli. And the plates, bowls, jugs and mugs by Shunichi Maekawa, who learnt pottery in a small studio in Kyoto, are just as playful and enchanting. Regina Maekawa-Altherr's everyday objects, on the other hand, are characterised by a delicate elegance that brings tranquillity to everyday life just by being there. The Swiss artist moved to Japan in 1979 to devote herself to pottery. What was supposed to be a short stay has now turned into more than 40 years. As part of the Sato exhibition, two cinematic artist portraits were created about this fascinating couple who have devoted themselves entirely to this art form.


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